Creating markets, enabling trade

PG World is a truly global business dealing in over 50 countries across the globe. Through years of international experience, our extensive distribution network and contacts have allowed us to develop a presence in all major markets around the world. Our strengths lie in our unique ability to actively seek opportunities and make them happen.

PG World represents many multi-billion pound companies internationally. We add value through strategically allocating resources and through our vast knowledge of local markets. We believe in developing on-going strong relationships with our partners and take the time to understand their needs and respect their values. PG World is passionate about delivering exceptional customer service and providing tailored solutions in all our business areas.

We understand the trends and forces that will shape our businesses in the future and swiftly move to adapt and prepare for new environments. The strong financial position of PG World has given us the ability to fund numerous projects across various sectors around the world. PG World creates value and makes a difference everywhere we engage in business.

The PG World team are specialists in each of our specific business areas - PG Medical, PG Industrial and PG Investment. For more information please get in touch on [email protected].